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Irkutsk regional clinical hospital, winner of the “Mark of the Honor” award

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Regional perinatal center

OPC is a large medical center for the protection of mother and child health, in which highly qualified professionals at any time of day provide medical care to women and children of the region and surrounding regions.

The main activities of the center are:

  • Consultative and diagnostic, medical and rehabilitation assistance to the most severe contingent of pregnant women, parturient women and infants, newborn children, as well as women with reproductive disorders based on the use of modern therapeutic and diagnostic technologies.
  • Interaction between maternity and childhood protection agencies, prompt monitoring of the status of pregnant women, parturient women and puerperas and newborn children in need of intensive care, ensures timely provision of specialized medical care for them in case of complications.
  • Rapid monitoring of pregnant women at high risk, monitoring of medical care.
  • Medico-genetic counseling, medical examination of families with hereditary pathology, prenatal diagnosis, neonatal screening for congenital and hereditary pathology.
  • Clinical and expert evaluation of the quality of medical care for women and newborns.
  • Anesthesia and resuscitation, exit forms for women and children.
  • Introduction of modern medical technologies of prevention, diagnostics and treatment aimed at reducing maternal and perinatal losses and disabilities from childhood, preservation and restoration of women's reproductive health in the activities of maternity and childhood institutions.
  • Provides an anti-epidemic regime in the OPC, the quality of the treatment and diagnostic process based on standardized types of medical care.
  • Medico-psychological and social legal assistance to women and young children.
  • Organizational and methodical work to improve the training of doctors, nurses, perinatal care, organizes and conducts conferences, meetings, permanent seminars.
  • Monitoring and analysis of maternal, perinatal and infant mortality, development of proposals for the improvement and development of maternal and child health services.
  • Organizes and conducts information activities for the population and specialists on perinatal care, reproductive health and safe motherhood.

On the basis of the regional perinatal center there are the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology of the Irkutsk State Medical University, the Department of Pediatrics, Anesthesiology and Reanimatology of the Irkutsk State Institute for Advanced Training of Physicians, the Institute of Pediatrics and Human Reproduction of the Medical Ecology Center of the All-Russian Scientific Center of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences.

In the center, 8 doctors of medical sciences, 12 candidates of medical sciences, 96.4% of doctors have a qualification category that implement their knowledge in protecting mother and child health.

Only for the last 10 years 17 monographs have been published, 7 patents for invention have been protected, 7 diplomas have been awarded for participation in international symposia and congresses, 26 doctors have participated in reports of international and all-Russian significance, over 500 printed articles in magazines.

For 20 years in the regional perinatal center more than 70,000 births have been carried out, more than 300,000 women have visited the OPC with advisory and therapeutic purposes, more than 1800 trips to the districts of the region.

The staff of the regional perinatal center participates in medical, scientific, scientific and technical research conducted in the region, in the development and implementation of medical programs.