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Irkutsk regional clinical hospital, winner of the “Mark of the Honor” award

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In 1863 on August 22, on the site of the former Chupalov hospital, the building of the Civil Hospital was laid. The new hospital was built on funds donated by the actual state councilor Efim Andreevich Kuznetsov. The Civil Hospital, later named Kuznetsovskaya, was built on November 24, 1871.

The first senior doctor was Pushin. Since 1878, at the Kuznetsovsky hospital for ten years worked as a senior doctor RP Kelberg. He was chairman of the medical society of Eastern Siberia, was a progressive doctor and boldly expressed his thoughts about the need for state reform in the health care system.

With the advent of Soviet power, Kuznetsov's hospital was headed by PN Shastin, who was also a senior surgeon at the same time. He was the first in Irkutsk to perform major operations on the biliary tract, on the liver, and performed gynecological operations. In 1921, the Kuznetsovskaya hospital was renamed the Provincial Hospital. On the basis of the hospital were placed the departments of hospital therapy, hospital surgery, skin and venereal diseases and psychiatry of the medical faculty of the Irkutsk State University.

In 1922, the Provincial Hospital was headed by A.I. Smirnov. In 1934 the chief doctor was Yu.A. Grigoryev, in 1940 - V.G. Kleymenov, in 1941 - B.S. Stankevich, in 1947 - A.F. Demidov, in 1945 - S.A. Paschak, in 1954 - P.G. Rudin. From 1965 to 1983, the chief doctor of the hospital was A.K. Butakova; from 1983 to 1985 - V.I. Promtov, from 1987 to 2001 - Yuri Leonidovich Ptichenko. From 2001 to the present time the chief physician of the SBEI of the IOKB is P.E. Dudin.

In 1871, at the opening of the hospital, the number of beds was limited to 220. The hospital had four departments: surgical, therapeutic, "syphilitic" and psychiatric. The hospital staff consisted of 16 people. In the future, the need for specialized medical assistance in the area increased, and the hospital bed capacity increased. So, in 1924 in hospital was placed 276 beds in 6 departments: surgical, therapeutic, skin-venereal, eye, psychiatric, infectious; in 1926 there were 300 beds. In 1930 the Provincial Hospital was renamed into the city hospital. In 1940, the number of beds increased to 380, they were placed in four departments: surgical - 140, therapeutic - 110, traumatological - 55, gynecological - 75.

During the Great Patriotic War (1941-1945), the staff of the Irkutsk City Clinical Hospital provided medical assistance to residents of the city of Irkutsk and the Irkutsk region. In addition, more than 40 hospital staff worked in front-line hospitals and hospitals located in the city of Irkutsk.

On April 1, 1948, the Irkutsk City Clinical Hospital was reorganized into the Irkutsk Regional Clinical Hospital. In 1953, a major reconstruction of the hospital and polyclinic, which increased the capacity of the hospital: in 1957, the hospital had 500 beds, 19 offices; in 1965 - 525 beds, 22 branches; in 1970 there were 550 beds.

In 1971, the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR "awarded the Irkutsk Regional Clinical Hospital with the Order of the Badge of Honor" for the achieved success in the medical service of the population ". In the same year, the new building of the regional clinical hospital in the Yubileiny microdistrict was laid. Medical care for residents of the Irkutsk region became more accessible, including in connection with the further increase in the hospital bed capacity of the regional hospital. So, in 1974 there were 725 beds in the hospital; in 1975 it was already 800.

In the 70-80s of the last century, new methods of treatment were introduced in the hospital, operations were carried out using the apparatus of artificial circulation, an intensive care ward, specialized therapeutic and surgical departments were organized.

In order to further improve the quality and accessibility of specialized medical care to residents of the Irkutsk region in 1986, the hospital's hospital bed was expanded to 1,200 beds, and the hospital was housed in a new building in the Yubileiny district. In the same year, a polyclinic for 850 visits a day was opened. In 1995, the perinatal center of the regional clinical hospital was opened.

Today the regional clinical hospital is the real flagship of Irkutsk Healthcare, the school of medical personnel, the center of scientific research. The hospital has a branch of the Scientific Center of Reconstructive and Reconstructive Surgery of the East Siberian Scientific Center of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences, the departments of the Irkutsk State Medical University , the Irkutsk State Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education operate on the basis of the hospital.