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Training in leading clinics in Korea

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Within the framework of international cooperation between the Ministry of Health of the Irkutsk region and the province of Gyeonggi of South Korea, doctors of the Irkutsk Oblast Order "The Badge of Honor" of the clinical hospital Panasyuk AI, Chipizubov VA, Likhandi DI, Fatkulin RR were trained in leading clinics from 18.06.2018 to 13.07.2018. Each of the doctors was selected by a medical institution, which is one of the leaders in its field. So, Panasyuk A.I. and Chipizubov VA passed an internship at the St. Mary's Hospital at the Catholic University of South Korea in Bucheon, located just 30 minutes from the capital. There are rich traditions of abdominal surgery, a number of complicated operations are regularly carried out, including transplantation of the donor liver. A general tendency of surgery is noted to minimize operational injury and postoperative cosmetic defect.

In the department of neurosurgery, the whole range of surgical benefits is performed in the pathology and trauma of the central nervous system. Her specialization is brain surgery. Here, the cerebrovascular department is deployed, operations are performed for various pathologies of cerebral vessels. A number of patients specifically come here from other provinces for treatment. There is also a simulation class where neurosurgeon trainees work out manual skills, incl. microvascular anastomosis. Also managed to observe the operations performed from the mini-access. This, so-called, key-hole surgery, or "keyhole surgery", which allows to minimize the level of traumatization of the patient's tissues during the intervention.

Lihandi DI and Fatkulin R.R. passed an internship on the basis of cardiosurgery service of the Medical Center at the University of Ajou and Sidjon Hospital. During the study, doctors got acquainted with the organization of work of clinics, the peculiarities of anesthesia and surgical techniques in performing a wide range of open heart operations.

After graduation in a solemn atmosphere in the Ministry of Health, in Suwon each participant received a certificate and small memorable gifts. Doctors from Russia responded with thanks to the organizers and teachers.

In general, the reception of trainees by the Korean side, the educational process, the everyday aspects of living were organized at a decent level. The personnel of the departments where the studies were held are open, easy to contact, ready to share their knowledge. All this helped to get the maximum amount of knowledge and benefit from the trip. Much of this will be useful in working with patients in the Irkutsk region.

It is worth noting that in our free time our doctors managed to get to know a little about the culture of South Korea, the history, architecture, language and people of the country. This, of course, made the trip even more intense and interesting.