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Dolgikh Tatyana

Dear Peter Yevlampievich! Writes you Dolgikh Tatyana, patient of your hospital in February-March 2017. February 16, 2017 near the city of Sayansk, there was a traffic accident in which I was injured, without providing timely professional medical help leading to death. In the Sayan city hospital on February 18, 2017, the first operation was performed by the neurosurgeons of the Irkutsk Regional Clinical Hospital Vasily Chipizubov and the Sayan City Hospital Bondar Artem Vasilievich. After that, I was transferred to your hospital, where on February 21st. In 2017, another operation was carried out. March 9, 2017 I was discharged.

I want to tell you as the head physician of the hospital and the doctors of the neurosurgical department, whose professionalism has enabled me to live a full life, to meet every new day, achieving new victories, for a new life - Thank you.

I thank all the doctors who conducted the operation for me and the doctors who carried out further treatment in your hospital, as well as the medical personnel who helped me in the postoperative period, for their professionalism, attentiveness and participation.

The Korshunov family

The services of the Center for Laboratory Research of the Regional Clinical Hospital have been in use for a long time. The results of laboratory studies are always ready in time. As to the accuracy of the test results, there is never any doubt. We express great gratitude to the doctors of the laboratory and especially the head of Koryakina Larisa Borisovna for professionalism and sensitivity to people.

Family of Zlobins

We would like to thank the staff of the Center for Laboratory Research of the Regional Clinical Hospital and its head Koryakin Larissa Borisovna, doctors Good Oksana Vladimirovna, Ezekeev Svetlana Dmitrievna, Andreeva Elena Orestovna for invaluable recommendations on the choice of the laboratory test algorithm. We wish health and patience in your hard work.

Gratitude from the Protasovs

We express heartfelt and simply human gratitude to Tatyana Aleksandrovna Rastpakhova, the head of pulmonology department, Kabakova Ekaterina Nikolaevna, who is treating the doctor, for a sensitive, benevolent and attentive attitude towards her pension patients. We would like to note their high professionalism and timely diagnosis, on the basis of which the diagnosis was accurately diagnosed and treatment started. Their encouraging attitude inspired confidence in a speedy recovery. We want to say kind words about procedural nurse Matveeva Marina. Her thin fingers, intuition very precisely found the right places for injections. This wonderful team is "from God." Well done! We wish them good health, patience, prosperity and success in their hard work.

With gratitude to the family of Protasovs and Suchilins.

The main doctor of the GBUZ OKB PE Dudin from the patient of the microsurgical department Grinchenko Т.V.

Thank you very much for the fact that your team has such wonderful people!

With all the richness of the Russian language, perhaps there are no words to fully express gratitude to all medical workers who participated in my fate to restore the flexor tendon of the finger. The first in this list is an attentive and sensitive person, an excellent surgeon, a high-class professional, a master of his craft, head of the microsurgical department. Ivan Vladimirovich Popov. Under his skilful guidance, the entire process, from the moment of admission to treatment and to discharge, passed on a wave of positive.

Our acquaintance took place in the period of preparation for the operation, and already at this stage it became clear - I am in reliable hands and the surgical intervention will be successful. The serenity and confidence of the master put all my fears to sleep. The result was not long in coming - the operation was successful on January 27, 2015.

Being under local anesthesia, I had the opportunity to observe the whole process - the professionals worked! The operating team, led by Ivan Vladimirovich, as part of the surgeon Denis Nikolayevich Kornilov, the operating sister of Tatyana Viktorovna Busygina and the nurse, Nina Pavlovna Andreeva, performed the work at a high level. Everyone clearly knows their work site, understands each other with half-words and even half-looks. It costs a lot!

In addition, the postoperative period is also important. Despite his workload, Ivan Vladimirovich Popov found time to personally supervise the healing process of the wound, to tell in detail about the prospects for the full restoration of the functions of the finger, to support with a kind word.

Many thanks to the nurse of the microsurgical department, Andrei Guzovsky, and the dressing nurse Natalia Amokova, who know their business, treat each patient with respect and attention, find encouraging words and inspire optimism.

I am sincerely grateful to medical workers for participating in my recovery. The patient needs not only the professional skill of the medical profession, which they certainly possess, but also a sensitive benevolent attitude, their human participation, care, attention and understanding. All this I got the opportunity to experience, being on treatment in a microsurgical unit.

I wish everyone further professional success and only grateful patients! Good luck and prosperity!

Sincerely, Tatyana Grinchenko. February 16, 2015.

Dear Petr Evlampevich

Many thanks to you, that in the Regional hospital such wonderful, knowledgeable employees, doctors from God, like Elena Yu. Chashkova, work. For eight years now I've been seeing Elena Yuryevna. Thanks to her attention, properly chosen treatment, I can live and work normally. Elena Yuryevna is a wonderful person. Every time I come to the reception, I feel like I'm her only patient, although I know perfectly well that this is not the case. So much attention, warmth, caring. Always check everything carefully, ask about everything, charge positive. I am grateful to fate that such a wonderful doctor is treating me. I would very much like to have words of gratitude addressed to her from your lips. I think Elena Yuryevna would be pleased. Let her receive a little warmth and attention, because she gives her patients so much!

I would also like to thank the entire department of coloproctology, headed by the head Vladislav Evgenevich Pak. Attentive and respectful attitude towards patients is priceless.

With great respect and boundless gratitude, Petrova Irina Alekseevna, S. Bayandai.

Letter of Appreciation

Medical personnel of the cardiosurgical department No.1 of the State Budgetary Healthcare Institution of the Irkutsk Order "The Sign of Honor" of the Regional Clinical Hospital of Irkutsk

I express my gratitude to the management of the regional clinical hospital for the prompt and qualified actions of the doctors of the cardiosurgical unit No. 1 under the leadership of Yuri Zheltovsky during my treatment. And also for the shown attentiveness and the correct attitude of medical personnel.

Particularly pleasant impression was made by my attending physician Batyokha Vyacheslav Igorevich , whose high professionalism leaves no shadow of doubt.

I would also like to express my great gratitude to the entire staff of the intensive care unit, who fought for my life and health. In their actions, I saw confidence in the correctness of treatment. They could calm, inspire hope for a speedy recovery. I am grateful to doctors who can do their work well.

I would like to say a special and huge thanks to the surgeon who operated on me, Peshkov Evgeny Valerievich , the nurse Biron Sabine Stepanovna , the anesthesiologist Natalya Mikhailovna Molchanova . And also to the cardiologist Natalia Anatolievna Aksenchenko .

Thanks also to the nurses for their tolerance, courtesy and understanding of the patients. Separately, I would like to mention the work of Lyudmila Alexandrovna Rudneva, senior nurse .

I wish everyone good health, patience, strength and well-being.

Sincerely, patient Struchkov Viktor Alexandrovich and his family

Korikova Tatyana Mikhailovna

I want to express my sincere gratitude to honey, the staff of the DMS service of your clinic. Such a sensitive and attentive attitude, I have not seen in general for a long time: from the record to the specialist doctors and until the full survey (almost by the hand of a nurse is invited to an appointment with specialists). Especially it would be desirable to note treating doctors Malyakin VS and Radnayev L.Yu., for warmth and care, the ability to find an approach and comforting arguments for patients become the key to effective treatment and recovery. That's how with their light hand, I was on the operating table of professionals in the department of portal hypertension under the leadership of head. Branch of Novozhilov AP and the attending physician A.T.

Sincere words of gratitude, to the whole team of medical workers (doctors, nurses, nurses) of your clinic of the Badge of Honor for high professionalism and skill. Happy New Year.


I express my sincere gratitude to the neurosurgeon doctors Alexander Gennadievich Moskalev and Yury Cherkashin who on July 27, 2013 carried out an operation on clipping of the aneurysm of the carotid artery to my son. I thank for the professionalism, responsive and attentive attitude to the patient and to us - relatives.

Special thanks to the doctor-resuscitator Natalia Viktorovna Likholetova. I received from her not only competent and exhaustive consultations, but also psychological support during this difficult time for me. Attentive, sincere and disinterested, sensitive and kind, accessible, reliable and in full she explained to me and my son all the nuances of the course of the disease and the course of his treatment. She did everything in her power to restore the son's body after a complicated operation. These qualities undoubtedly speak of her high professionalism and love for her work, respect for patients and their relatives. I am grateful to all the medical staff of the intensive care unit, to all employees who care for seriously ill people, I wish them health and happiness.

My son is 28 years old, his family is his wife and son. Now he leads a normal life, works, educates his son. I believe that it would be advisable on the part of the administration to take measures to encourage doctors who conscientiously and professionally work in the Irkutsk Regional Clinical Hospital.

Gratitude to the Gastroenterology Department

We express our gratitude to the Gastroenterology Department! From chamber 404. Especially: head. ord. Nechaeva Elena Vitalievna, Nurse Elena Grinko, Nade Georgievna Kvaratskhelia, Anastasia Sergeevna Grigorieva, Nadezhda Abdulovna, Nurse Nadezhda, Eugenia Anatolyevna. For your noble work, care and understanding to patients, responsibility, putting soul into your work and want to wish you health for many years, stay the same as you are.

Bolgova Natalia Alexandrovna

Sergey Anatolyevich, thank you for your professional leadership and the ability to create a team of like-minded (to some extent enthusiasts) who are able to carry out a huge amount of work in sometimes extreme conditions. Thank you and Alexey Alexandrovich Shabalin (a doctor from God) and Rustam Rafikovich for your noble and vital work. Be healthy and for many years of professional activity you do. With gratitude, the Bolgovs family. Good afternoon! Alexey Alexandrovich Shabalin met us on the way at the most difficult moment and it was a fateful meeting for us. Such a professional with a sensitive heart and high work capacity is rarely seen. But we were lucky, thanks to this doctor from God, we had a hope for recovery and a chance to live. Thanks to the leadership of the regional hospital for such shots that do not spare themselves, they do everything possible and impossible for the patient. We wish you, Alexey Alexandrovich, easy patients, success to all your beginnings, understanding of relatives and God grant you health for many years so that you can repeatedly hope for the best to your patients. With respect and deep gratitude, the family of the Bolgovs. Good day! They wanted to say words of gratitude to Rustam Rafikovich, who was at a very important moment and thanks to his professionalism he did everything necessary to ensure that the patient did not suffer and was not exposed to danger because of delay. Thanks to the leadership of the department and the whole hospital for such unique cadres who, without sparing themselves and their time, are faithful to their profession. With gratitude, the Bolgovs family. Thank you and God grant health for many years.

Potaptsev Anatoly Viktorovich

I express my heartfelt gratitude to the department of Portal hypertension (to the head of the department, the chief nurse, nurses, distributor, medical attendant and many others) for kindness and professionalism! I especially want to express my gratitude to Shcherbakov Roman Ivanovich and his assistant who operated on me. May God give you health! You perform the most difficult and responsible work, from the early morning till late at night you devote yourself to people, and all this with great tact and patience! Thank you!

Puchenkova Tatyana Olegovna

The doctors of the urological department of Mamedov Rustam Rafikovich and Belskaya Kristina Vadimovna, I thank for their benevolence, attention to the patients and high professionalism. I wish you continued success in their noble work. Happy New Year and Merry Christmas! Happiness to you in your personal life and fulfillment of desires.

Berdnikova Lyudmila Alexandrovna

I want to express my gratitude to the head of the gastroenterology department Elena Vitalievna and Dr. Grigoryeva Anastasia Sergeevna !!! Thank you very much for such a sensitive and attentive attitude! You are the most wonderful doctors !!! Elena Vitalevna you have a wonderful team!

Zheltov Konstantin Yuryevich

From 06/01/2018 he was on treatment at the gastrotherapy department. I want to note the high professionalism and attention of doctors, nurses of the department. Nowhere had I seen such caring people before. A great gratitude I express to the doctor Tatyana Gennadievna Drukhtein for having applied maximum efforts to treat the disease. I wish all the staff of the hospital and the department of health, family well-being and prosperity. Many thanks!

Vechtomova Svetlana Gafurjanovna

I, the patient Vechtomova Svetlana Gafuryanovna, express my huge, sincere gratitude, respect and appreciation for the kindness and care for me, for the kindness and attention, professionally done work for Koloproctology surgeon Pak Evgeny Vladislavovich and all the medical personnel of the coloproctological department of the Regional Clinic of the city of Irkutsk! I wish you all health, strength, patience and endurance in your work! Health and happiness to your families!

U. Natalia Borisovna

And a year later I remember with great warmth and gratitude in my heart ... In February 2017, I had an operation to remove the pancreatic cyst in the Department of portal hypertension. The operation was conducted by Grigoryev Sergey Evgenievich, assisted and was the treating physician Movsesyan Mikael Oganesovich, head of department Novozhilov Alexander Vladimirovich. There are no such words to describe my immense gratitude to them! I will be grateful to them for the rest of my life! Surgeons - Gods with golden hands and hearts. Before the operation, she lived with severe pain and decay. I came out of the hospital as a healthy person. Everything was done highly professionally and absolutely free of charge! I bought only postoperative stockings and a bandage. And before the operation and after it all of my questions about the disease, about the operation itself, about the postoperative period, detailed answers were given in an accessible form. The attending physician - Mikael Oganesovich several times a day (even on his day off!) Went around his patients, asked about his health, answered in detail and patiently at times our ridiculous questions. In this department I have not met even a little stale man. The whole staff is very kind and sympathetic. Nurse girls: Julia, Tanya, Christina, thank you very much for your hard work and sympathetic heart! Low bow to you. Such people can be trusted with their lives! Thank you all very much! Zheleznogorsk-Ilimsky.