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Department of Vascular Surgery

Department of Vascular Surgery is a structural unit of the Irkutsk Regional Clinical Hospital and is the leading department of vascular surgery in the Irkutsk Region. It has the experience of a high-class surgical school of the leading vascular surgeons of the past years, modern diagnostic, anesthesiology, surgical, endovascular equipment, high-tech modern methods of diagnosis and treatment of vascular diseases.

Since its formation the department focuses on both invasive “open” and minimally invasive surgeries. During the existence of the department, reconstructive surgery for diseases of the abdominal aorta, limb arteries, brachiocephalic arteries and venous pathology has been mastered and applied in practice.

Currently, new technologies of surgical interventions (minimally invasive subfascial dissection of perforating veins), complex treatment of critical ischemia, X-ray endovascular surgery of occlusal-stenotic lesions of limb arteries, arteries supplying the brain have been introduced. A new promising direction is the development and introduction of endovascular prosthetics of aortic aneurysms and peripheral arteries into the clinic. Up to 600 operations are performed annually, of which more than half are reconstructive.


  • Reconstructive surgery on the aorta:
  • Bifurcation aortic-femoral bypass surgery (prosthesis)
  • Linear aortic-femoral bypass surgery (prosthesis)
  • Aortic femoral aneurysm resection
  • Reconstructive operations on the arteries of the limbs:
  • Ilio-femoral bypass
  • Thrombendarterectomy from the femoral and iliac arteries
  • Thrombendarterectomy from the femoral and iliac arteries with plastic
  • Deep hip artery plastic
  • Peripheral Artery Aneurysm Resection
  • Thigh-popliteal (femoral, tibial) shunting
  • Subclavian-muscular (shoulder, elbow) shunting
  • Femoral cross bypass
  • Reconstructive operations on the arteries that feed the brain
  • Carotid endarterectomy
  • Resection of the carotid arteries with pathology of tortuosity
  • Carotid subclavian bypass, subclavian (vertebral) artery replantation
  • Operations on the venous system (phlebectomy, etc.)
  • Endovascular interventions (stenting; balloon angiodilatation)